Tiptoe Forest

Tiptoe Forest (Grade 1)


Perusal Score

Ensemble: Flexible Instrumentation (see description for details)
Grade: 1
Duration: 2 minutes

An intriguing walk through the woods.

I am offering this flexible ensemble piece as digital download only with a “Pick Your Price” option. Tiptoe Forest comes with PDF score and parts, play-along tracks, and synchronization/recording license for use in certain K-12 settings.

How does PDF delivery work?
PDF delivery allows for quicker access to the music and the flexibility to print the correct number of parts for your ensemble. Once payment clears, you will receive a download link to your licensed files within 1 business day.

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Tiptoe Forest was inspired by walks in the woods, critters discovered underneath overturned rocks, and the endless possibilities of what lurks in the shadows and sparkles in the trees.

The piece was designed to be playable in three parts + optional percussion by ensembles of varying instrumentation and/or size. Its concert key signature contains one flat, which aligns closer with beginner winds/brass, but if your string players have ventured into flat keys, there’s no reason why they can’t play too!

Transpositions (with octave adjustments/options as needed) for Parts 1, 2, and 3 are included for:

C Treble Instruments
Bb Treble Instruments
Bb Treble Instruments (octave adjustments for tenor saxophone)
Eb Treble Instruments
F Treble Instruments
C Alto Clef (Viola)
C Bass Instruments
C Bass Instruments (octave adjustments for tuba)
Piano reduction

Optional percussion for up to three players on conventional instruments or found objects is included in two parts:

Percussion 1:
Snare Drum (or object that rattles when struck/shaken)
Percussion 2:
Bass Drum (or object that can make a slightly resonant thump)
Suspended Cymbal (or metallic object)

Play-Along Track Information

  • “Solo” play-along tracks feature each part isolated, with some click track assistance for multi-measure rests as applicable:
    • Part 1 was recorded with a Bb clarinet
    • Part 2 was recorded with an alto saxophone
    • Part 3 was recorded with a bass clarinet
    • Percussion parts were recorded with household objects
  • “Accompaniment” play-along tracks include every part EXCEPT the part in the file name, giving students the opportunity to be the sole performers of their parts along to the tracks
  • Also includes one full play-along track with all parts and one plain click track with no parts
  • All play-along tracks feature two measures (eight clicks) of count-in
  • Track tempo: Quarter note =112 (a little less than the midpoint of the given tempo range in the score)
  • Beat 1 of each measure is emphasized
  • Rehearsal measure number markings are also emphasized